JDS Custom Baits

Where passion, drive and dedication go into every lure with the goal of each fisherman catching their fish of lifetime  

7 inch Tournament Tourt

his is the JDS BT, which stands for baby trout,  I have been fishing for trout over 30 years and it always amazes me how colorful juvenile trout are.  The JDS BT will always have those par marks on the sides.  These trout should be worked anywhere from 1 up to 3 mph, also every now and then give it a little rip and it will sometimes do a 180 turn if you give it some slack after you rip it.
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 These bluegill baits should be worked at a slow roll speed, they can be worked a little faster but slow and steady is the way to go.  If you twitch the blue during a stop and go retrieve the JDS Gill will do a 180 turn which can trigger some of those followers into biters.
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